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Before going into the details of how we can work together, Let’s meet Tani and Amitesh, couple who are everything behind what ‘Tani Travel Tales’ is today. (Well, it’s about time that I introduce my partner in crime to all of you- edited 09 June’18)

Tani took a break from her job in 2016 to travel solo for a while. She chose breathtaking NorthEast India as the start of her journey. And during this time she started documenting her travel tales on the page ‘TaniTravelTales’. It was quite unexpected for her that there will be so many people who would share her stories. This was a motivation enough for her to keep going, keep exploring in quest of stories and write them all.  You can read more about how I started travelling here. During one of these trips she met Amitesh. Since, then sometimes her travels are solo and other times with her travel/Life Mate Amitesh.

Amitesh who also loves to travel is guy behind all the technical aspects of the blog ‘www.tanitraveltales.com’. While Tani writes the stories, Amitesh is extremely good with a camera. From capturing beautiful night skies to story-telling frames, he really has an eye for the best shots. Don’t believe it then go have a look at our instagram profile.

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Followers: 13K
Gender Ratio: 73% Men 27% Women
Top Cities: Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore
Age Group: 25-34
Average impressions per post: 20,000

Brand Collaborations/Publications:
CHIIZ Magazine
Brands: Lavie handbags, Enrico sunglasses, Walk To Himalayas, DanielWellington

What do we offer?
Due to our complimentary skills, both of us are a complete package. This opens immense possibilities of how we can work together:

Instagram Collaborations: We are most active on instagram and hence it’s our go-to social media tool. Following is the list of ways we can work together on Instagram:

  • Brand Ambassdor: If you think our work and way of travel connects with your brand then we can have a long term collaboration. During the course of collaboration we can help you create content, design campaigns that fit your audience and work together in implementing out of the box ideas.
  • Influencer Marketing: We can create awareness for your brand/services/products among our audience. For doing this we can create posts and insta-stories focussed on your brand.

Travel Consultancy: In the course of last few years we have travelled extensively across India. We have covered some of the most off-beaten places, culturally rich places and few others where only thing you breathe is adventure. We can curate itineraries for you using our years of travel experience. Itineraries designed by us would cover all the aspects of travel starting from budget, places to stay,mode of transportation, things to do and major advantage is that we are going to customize it to your taste.

Property Review and Photoshoots: We offer end to end property reviews. We can do a exhaustive blog post for your property and at the same time capture it in beautiful frames keeping in mind your target audience. For example, If your property is for adventure seeking souls, we can create some stunning shots with captivating night sky as back drop.

Free Lance Travel Writer: If you want us to cover any place, festival, event. We can surely do the job of capturing the vibe of the place in words and pictures.

Professional Photoshoots: This one isn’t related to travel but so what we still want our beautiful moments to be captured and cherished later on. Both of us as a team offer variety of services as listed below:
Pre-Wedding Shoots
Maternity Shoot
Baby Shoot
Astro Photo shoot
Destination Photo shoot

Cost of services offered is based on the efforts and time invested in completing it.

Contact me:

For any work related query you can write to us at hello@tanitraveltales and we will get back to you.

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